Outdoor Cedar Solutions can design and build Pergolas, Pavilions, Carports or Patio Covers in any size and configuration.


Cedar and Fir are both durable and resistant to rot and insects. For many years, Cedar and Fir have been a favorable choice for outdoor projects. The Cedar and Douglas Fir that we use is rough sawn which gives it a rough texture and is easily stained. Both Cedar and Fir are natural products, so cracks and checking may appear; however, the integrity and strength of Outdoor Cedar Solutions (OCS) structures remains intact.

Douglas Fir is a more affordable option. It is harder, heavier, and denser than Cedar. Also, Douglas Fir wood grains are less consistent and sometimes sap stops appear.

Cedar is a premier option. It is softer, more light weight, and easier to build with. Cedar wood grain is more consistent and has a cleaner finish.

Once stained, Cedar and Douglas Fir are almost identical.

The first step is to contact OCS with a basic description of what you’re looking for. During your conversation with us, we will determine if a free site visit is required. Some builds can be quoted without a site visit; however, if a site visit is required, a representative from OCS will come out to take pictures and precise measurements and will discuss available options while providing a professional opinion based on your outdoor living space needs. We will come prepared with wood/stain samples and photos of other builds, designs, and options. After your site visit you will receive an email with your detailed quote along with photos of completed builds which are comparable to your planned build. In some cases, you may receive a CAD drawing. Once you give OCS the go-ahead, your beautiful new outdoor structure will be installed within 2-4 weeks. Most structures can be built in 1-2 days.

The sizes of our structures are determined by the dimensions of the covered area. Most of our structures have a 12″ overhang, which means the post distance will be 24″ smaller than the sizes listed. For example, a 14’x14′ structure will have a post distance of 12’x12′.

Yes. OCS structures can be attached to your home or business. There may be additional charges depending on the type of attachment. In some cases, OCS may not be able to attach a structure to your building.

Yes, OCS can build large, custom, unique, and odd-shaped structures to fit your needs. Let us build the perfect outdoor living space for you.

Easy! Give us a call at 1-504-908-9100 or send us an email 


  • Customer is responsible for locating and marking underground utilities and underground obstructions.

  • OCS is not responsible for damage caused to underground utilities while digging.

  • Site must be 12” within level or extra charges may apply.

  • OCS will remove old structures at an extra charge for customer.
    Customer is responsible for tree trimming and/or excavation.

  • OCS posts cemented 24” – 36” in ground with rebar. If rock stumps, or any large objects are encountered during excavation, an additional charge may apply. 

  • A quote from OCS is valid for 60 days after it is submitted to homeowner. 

  • Customer is responsible for obtaining HOA approval, if needed. If a building permit is required in your area, OCS will pull the permit for an additional fee. Customer is responsible if engineered drawings are required.

  • An anchored post package must be purchased if attaching your structure to concrete. Additional options may be required for some designs and sizes. For example, pavilions built on slabs require corner brackets.

  • Outdoor Cedar Solutions, LLC, products are designed to meet the minimum code requirements of the current editions of the International Residential Code and the International Building Code. In some locations, building codes may need design modifications to handle higher wind speeds. If these modifications are required, additional charges may apply. 

Standard Installation | Post In-Ground

Pricing assumes as in ground installation. We will set post 24"-36" in ground with concrete and rebar. Certain models and sizes require the installation

Optional Installation | Anchored

Post attached to concreate- (There is an additional charge for this option) We will attach posts to concrete using post anchor brackets. The brackets will be covered with a custom made wood trim. Certain models and sizes will require additional options.

Friendly Reminder: Each and every option at Outdoor Cedar Solutions can be customized to meet your specific need.

Outdoor Cedar Solutions